Furetsu III

_When: 2017_ Client: Escenario itinerante TEDx Río de la Plata.  _ Where: Buenos Aires, Argentina _ Collaborators: Gabriel Fortunato, Camila Narvaitz, Nicolas Vischi y Guillaume Jami _ PH: Fernando Schapochnik_Supported by: CheLA, TaMaCo.

FURETSU is a digital designed and fabricated pavilion, which explores the architectural properties of an ultra-light material such as corrugated polyethylene. Its curvy “skin” is composed by 672 unique, white, laser cutted pieces, which grouped in four and joined through a male-female system, generates 168 pyramid shape modules. The particular geometry of the modules, interlocked between each others, constitute a special, shell like a stiff structure. Since the union between the modules is made through bolts, the pavillion can be easily assembled and disassembled. The general geometry was designed through a digital form-finding process, which allowed to come up against a structurally efficient morphology. Additional structural support is provided by a set of 6mm, CNC milled plywood ribs, which are interposed between the white modules at regular distance. Furetsu is a research project of TaMaCo (Taller de Materiales y Construcción)/ cheLA (Centro Hipermediático Experimental Latinoamericano), designed and directed by Formosa studio Karen Antorveza and Francesco Milano.

1. form finding (Kangaroo Physics)
2. normals of each panel
3. structural system
4. geometry optimization
5. skin

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