Palabras para una Tormenta 

_ when: August 2018_ where: Buenos Aires, Argentina _Collaborator: Paloma Violeta Gonzalez

“Palabras para una tormenta” is a small sound art installation created by Paloma Violeta and designed by Formosa, which aims to be a protected environment where to relax listening to poetry.
Its peculiar bubble like shape was obtained through a form finding process consisting of applying a normal force to each of the faces of a planar mesh, which resulted in the “inflation” of the mesh itself. The model, in order to be physically produced, was improved through a process of planarization of the mesh faces (PQ mesh), so that they could be materialized by cutting 3mm thick plywood with a CNC machine. In the cutting of the pieces, the wood fiber direction in the plywood has been considered, in order to obtain a uniform bending behavior in the whole structure. The outline of the quadrilateral pieces includes a union system, which allow the pieces to be connected through bolts.

formosa 2019