Rotoscoping Architecture

_ When: July 2017 _ Where: TaMaCo, cheLA (Centro Hipermediático Experimental Latinoamericano), Buenos Aires, Argentina _ Collaborators: Rodrigo Martin Iglesias

“Rotoscoping Architecture” is a project developed within the framework of “Fabricacion Digital, Procesos Productivos y Morfogeneticos”, a research project lead by TaMaCo and UBA (Universidad de Buenos Aires) collaboratively. It consists in applying the idea of Rotoscopy, a process which is proper of the animation industry, to architecture, with the aim of physically create, in a simple way, complex morphologies designed through a 3D modelling software. First, a digital volume was de-composed in a series of parallel sections, whom, after being oriented on a XY plane and numbered, were exported as individual PDF files. Then, the resulting PDF were projected on the floor by a zenithally placed projector. The projections were used as a “variable templates”, in order to physically create the sections as frames composed by 1” x 1” timber elements. The frames, arranged one after the other in numerical order, finally re-created physically the original, digital volume.

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